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Jun 14, 2019

AISMA CR ZONAL SAFETY SEMINAR conducteded successfully on 13-06-19

AISMA CR ZONAL SAFETY SEMINAR was conducted successfully on 13-06-19 at CSMT AUDITORIUM 250+ station masters attended the seminar.

Seminar commenced with lightning of lamps by Dy.Com Shri K.N.Singh,CP Shri Dhananjay,CVP Shri Vijay Patil, ZP Shri S.B.Garud and other Office bearers.

GS Shri Dharamveer Singh welcomed all dignatories, AISMA Office bearers and all station masters came from all over CR.

Sr.Dom(co) Shri Narmedshwar jha, Sr.dom(Gen) Shri A.k.tiwari, STM rules Shri J.D.Wani, and Dom Shri patil were present in the seminar.

I thank all the speakers,participants from all the divisions of CR for taking out precious time and thanx to Shri S.B.singh for stage coordination and thanx to MUMBAI team and everyone for making it grand success .